When planning a wedding for April you can never be sure of what the weather will do on the big day.  Chris and Debby were blessed with the most perfect hot, sunny April day to celebrate their marriage at Rockhaven in Elgin.

Here are just a few of my favourites from this awesome Italian themed wedding.  I hope you enjoy the preview as much as I enjoyed taking the photos x

Rockhaven Wedding001 Rockhaven Wedding003 Rockhaven Wedding004 Rockhaven Wedding005 Rockhaven Wedding006 Rockhaven Wedding007 Rockhaven Wedding008 Rockhaven Wedding009 Rockhaven Wedding010 Rockhaven Wedding011 Rockhaven Wedding012 Rockhaven Wedding013 Rockhaven Wedding014 Rockhaven Wedding015 Rockhaven Wedding016 Rockhaven Wedding0172014-05-28_0001 Rockhaven Wedding0212014-05-28_0002 Rockhaven Wedding022 Rockhaven Wedding023 Rockhaven Wedding024 Rockhaven Wedding025 Rockhaven Wedding026 Rockhaven Wedding0272014-05-28_0004 2014-05-28_0003Rockhaven Wedding028 Rockhaven Wedding029 Rockhaven Wedding030 Rockhaven Wedding031 Rockhaven Wedding032 Rockhaven Wedding033 Rockhaven Wedding034 Rockhaven Wedding035 Rockhaven Wedding036 Rockhaven Wedding037 Rockhaven Wedding038 Rockhaven Wedding039 Rockhaven Wedding040 Rockhaven Wedding041 Rockhaven Wedding0422014-05-27_01072014-05-27_0109 Rockhaven Wedding043 Rockhaven Wedding0442014-05-27_0110 Rockhaven Wedding045 Rockhaven Wedding046 Rockhaven Wedding047 Rockhaven Wedding048 Rockhaven Wedding049 Rockhaven Wedding050 Rockhaven Wedding051 Rockhaven Wedding052 Rockhaven Wedding053 Rockhaven Wedding054

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Cindy Townsend

What a stunningly beautiful wedding. A real fairy tale. You all looked stunning and were having so much fun. Happy days to you both.

Jun 02, 2014 @ 3:05 pm

Lee Goldschmidt

A dream come true for such a stunning couple. Perfect weather for the perfect bride and groom. These pictures capture the love and energy of their special day.

Jun 03, 2014 @ 9:08 am