Wedding season is coming to an end, what an awesome way to end off the season with Melissa and Nizaam’s beautiful day at Neethlingshof Estate.

Here is just a small preview of images, enjoy x

A big thank you to Claire Clarke from Framed by Claire for second shooting and assisting me on the day.

Neethlingshof Wedding001 Neethlingshof Wedding002 Neethlingshof Wedding003 Neethlingshof Wedding004 Neethlingshof Wedding005 Neethlingshof Wedding006 Neethlingshof Wedding007 Neethlingshof Wedding008 Neethlingshof Wedding009 Neethlingshof Wedding010 Neethlingshof Wedding011 Neethlingshof Wedding0122014-06-06_0068 Neethlingshof Wedding0132014-06-06_0066 2014-06-06_0067 Neethlingshof Wedding014 Neethlingshof Wedding015 Neethlingshof Wedding016 Neethlingshof Wedding017 Neethlingshof Wedding018 Neethlingshof Wedding019 Neethlingshof Wedding020 Neethlingshof Wedding021 Neethlingshof Wedding0222014-06-06_0065 Neethlingshof Wedding024 Neethlingshof Wedding025 Neethlingshof Wedding026 Neethlingshof Wedding027 Neethlingshof Wedding028 Neethlingshof Wedding029 Neethlingshof Wedding030 Neethlingshof Wedding031 Neethlingshof Wedding032 Neethlingshof Wedding033 Neethlingshof Wedding0342014-06-06_0069 Neethlingshof Wedding035 Neethlingshof Wedding036

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