About The Picturess 
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Leanne Evans is a Cape Town Photographer covering Weddings, Portraits and Events.

The magic of life is found everywhere, you just need to know how to see it. This ability to identify and capture a freeze frame of life is something that started Leanne Evans (aka the Picturess) on the path of photography. “Whether I’m taking pictures at a lavish wedding or of a single person, the magic and joy is often found in the smallest of places. The way a couple holds hands, a fleeting expression or a warm embrace. It is these precious moments that I look for in a photograph. Moments that perhaps other people would have never seen.” This talent for spotting special moments married with an understanding and appreciation of artistic photography really sets Leanne’s photos apart from other photographers. By selecting Leanne as your photographer, you are not just documenting a part of life, you are ensuring that the photos will forever hold the magic of your day.

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