Julianne and Adam exchanged vows at the beautiful Val De Vie Estate in Paarl.

I was so excited about this wedding for a number of reasons. Firstly, Julianne and Adam make the most stunning couple, such a pleasure to photograph.  Secondly, Val De Vie is one of my favourite wedding venues in Cape Town, with the most amazing views and a polo match to keep guests entertained it is such a treat to shoot there.

Here are just a few of my favourite images from the day.  Julianne and Adam, thank you for choosing me to capture your big day, enjoy the preview.

ValdeVie Wedding001 ValdeVie Wedding002 ValdeVie Wedding003 ValdeVie Wedding004 ValdeVie Wedding005 ValdeVie Wedding006 ValdeVie Wedding007 ValdeVie Wedding008 ValdeVie Wedding009 ValdeVie Wedding010 ValdeVie Wedding011 ValdeVie Wedding012 ValdeVie Wedding013 ValdeVie Wedding014 ValdeVie Wedding015 ValdeVie Wedding016 ValdeVie Wedding017 ValdeVie Wedding018 ValdeVie Wedding019 ValdeVie Wedding020 ValdeVie Wedding021 ValdeVie Wedding022 ValdeVie Wedding023 ValdeVie Wedding024 ValdeVie Wedding025 ValdeVie Wedding026 ValdeVie Wedding027 ValdeVie Wedding028 ValdeVie Wedding029 ValdeVie Wedding030 ValdeVie Wedding031 ValdeVie Wedding032 ValdeVie Wedding033 ValdeVie Wedding034 ValdeVie Wedding035 ValdeVie Wedding036 ValdeVie Wedding037 ValdeVie Wedding038 ValdeVie Wedding039 ValdeVie Wedding040 ValdeVie Wedding041 ValdeVie Wedding042 ValdeVie Wedding043 ValdeVie Wedding044 ValdeVie Wedding045 ValdeVie Wedding046 ValdeVie Wedding047 ValdeVie Wedding048 ValdeVie Wedding049 ValdeVie Wedding050 ValdeVie Wedding051 ValdeVie Wedding052 ValdeVie Wedding053

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