This isn’t a job that I would usually blog about but I just thought it was worth posting, not for the photography but more to show the incredible ability of the blind and visually impaired men and women who make these products.

I spent two days at the Cape Town Society for the Blind in Salt River taking photo’s of the handcrafted cane products for their new website.  I was absolutely amazed when I was taken on a tour of the society and saw these incredible men and women at work. I always knew of the cane products produced here but I never gave it much thought, intricately hand woven products made by people who can’t see.

The Cape Town Society for the Blind not only make cane products but they also provide computer and life skill training for the blind and visually impaired. The products can be purchased from a factory shop in Salt River.

When you think that life is hard, just think of the people who achieve such amazing feats despite having a disability.

Thank you to Gobo, a visually impaired young man with a great interest in photography, who assisted me on this shoot.

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