A few of my favourite images from gorgeous little Nevaeh’s 1st Birthday party.  What a special and memorable day.  Enjoy the preview x

Nevaeh001 Nevaeh002 Nevaeh003 Nevaeh004 Nevaeh005 Nevaeh006 Nevaeh007 Nevaeh008 Nevaeh009 Nevaeh010 Nevaeh011 Nevaeh012 Nevaeh013 Nevaeh014 Nevaeh015 Nevaeh016 Nevaeh017 Nevaeh018 Nevaeh019 Nevaeh020Nevaeh021 Nevaeh022 Nevaeh023 Nevaeh024 Nevaeh025 Nevaeh026 Nevaeh027 Nevaeh028 Nevaeh029 Nevaeh0302018-04-05_0044 Nevaeh031 Nevaeh032 Nevaeh033 Nevaeh034 Nevaeh035 Nevaeh036 Nevaeh037 Nevaeh038 Nevaeh039 Nevaeh0402018-04-05_0043 Nevaeh041 Nevaeh0422018-04-05_0045

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Norne Blaauw

Beautiful angel, she can even walk on.

Apr 13, 2018 @ 6:52 am