This is a wedding I had really been looking forward to shooting since Lauren and Mike booked me over a year ago.

Lauren’s attention to detail coupled with a stunning choice of wedding venue – Diamant Estate in Paarl – seemed like the recipe for a postcard wedding. However it requires a synergy of people,  planning and venue to turn an ordinary wedding into a special one.

As if carefully measured out by some divine force, these ingredients were all in place to allow the most magic of weddings to unfold.

A beautiful bride, a couple whose love runs deep, close friends and shared penchant for fun truly made this a wedding to remember. And as for the breathtaking views, lest they not be forgotten either.

Thank you Lauren and Mike, I hope these photos will forever remind you of the magic of your day. Enjoy the preview x

Diamant Estate001 Diamant Estate002 Diamant Estate003 Diamant Estate004 Diamant Estate005 Diamant Estate006 Diamant Estate007 Diamant Estate008 Diamant Estate009 Diamant Estate010 Diamant Estate011 Diamant Estate012 Diamant Estate013 Diamant Estate014 Diamant Estate015 Diamant Estate016 Diamant Estate017 Diamant Estate018 Diamant Estate019 Diamant Estate020 Diamant Estate021 Diamant Estate022 Diamant Estate023 Diamant Estate024 Diamant Estate025 Diamant Estate0262015-02-13_0055 Diamant Estate028 Diamant Estate0292015-02-14_0002 2015-02-14_0003 2015-02-14_0004 2015-02-14_0005Diamant Estate030 Diamant Estate031 Diamant Estate032 Diamant Estate033 Diamant Estate034 Diamant Estate0352015-02-13_0053 Diamant Estate0362015-02-13_00522015-02-13_0054 Diamant Estate037 Diamant Estate0382015-02-14_0007 Diamant Estate039 Diamant Estate0402015-02-14_0006 Diamant Estate041 Diamant Estate042 Diamant Estate043 Diamant Estate044 Diamant Estate045 Diamant Estate046 Diamant Estate047 Diamant Estate0482015-02-13_0051 2015-02-13_00502015-02-14_0001

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Yvonne Castelyn

Ah, what stunning pictures. Well done Leanne. Love the Brides dress.

Feb 14, 2015 @ 10:06 am

Lara De Wet

A M A Z I N G !

Feb 14, 2015 @ 10:14 am

Jane Twell

Really stunning photos! Thank you Leanne, from a very proud mom of the bride! 🙂

Feb 19, 2015 @ 10:39 pm