What an awesome way to kick off the season with Megan and Corné’s stunning wedding at Melkbos Function Venue.

Megan and Cornè, thank you for trusting me to capture your big day,  I loved every minute.  Enjoy the preview.

A big thank you to Claire from Framed by Claire photography for assisting and second shooting at this wedding,  stunning work as always Claire.

M&CWedding001 M&CWedding002 M&CWedding003 M&CWedding004 M&CWedding005 M&CWedding006 M&CWedding007 M&CWedding008 M&CWedding009 M&CWedding010 M&CWedding011 M&CWedding012 M&CWedding013 M&CWedding014 M&CWedding015 M&CWedding016 M&CWedding017M&CWedding021 M&CWedding018 M&CWedding019 M&CWedding020

Guys “getting ready” photos were taken by Claire from Framed by Claire photographyGuys001 Guys002 Guys003 Guys004 Guys005 Guys006 M&CWedding022 M&CWedding023 M&CWedding024 M&CWedding025 M&CWedding026 M&CWedding027 M&CWedding028 M&CWedding029 M&CWedding030 M&CWedding031 M&CWedding032 M&CWedding033 M&CWedding034 M&CWedding035 M&CWedding036 M&CWedding037 M&CWedding038 M&CWedding039M&CWedding040 M&CWedding041 M&CWedding042 M&CWedding043 M&CWedding044 M&CWedding045 M&CWedding046 M&CWedding047 M&CWedding048 M&CWedding049 M&CWedding050 M&CWedding051 M&CWedding052

Absolutely love this natural photo taken by Claire.M&CWedding053 M&CWedding054 M&CWedding055 M&CWedding056 M&CWedding057 M&CWedding058 M&CWedding059 M&CWedding060 M&CWedding061 M&CWedding062M&CWedding063 M&CWedding064 M&CWedding065 M&CWedding066 M&CWedding067 M&CWedding068 M&CWedding069 M&CWedding070 M&CWedding071 M&CWedding072 M&CWedding073 M&CWedding074 M&CWedding075

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Yvonne Castelyn

Stunning shoot Leanne and Claire.

Oct 05, 2017 @ 4:29 pm