It was such an honour for me to be part of Paige and Luke’s magical wedding day at Blue Horizon in Simonstown.  Here are just a few of my favourite images for the day.

Luke and Paige,  you make such a beautiful couple and I know that you will have many happy years together as husband and wife.  Enjoy these memories from your special day x

A huge thank you to Claire Clarke from Framed by Claire for 2nd shooting at this wedding.

L&Pwedding001 L&Pwedding002 L&Pwedding003 L&Pwedding004 L&Pwedding005 L&Pwedding006 L&Pwedding007 L&Pwedding008 L&Pwedding009 L&Pwedding010 L&Pwedding011 L&Pwedding012 L&Pwedding013 L&Pwedding014 L&Pwedding015 L&Pwedding016 L&Pwedding017 L&Pwedding018 L&Pwedding019 L&Pwedding020 L&Pwedding021 L&Pwedding022 L&Pwedding023 L&Pwedding024 L&Pwedding025 L&Pwedding026 L&Pwedding027 L&Pwedding028 L&Pwedding029 L&Pwedding030 L&Pwedding031 L&Pwedding032 L&Pwedding033 L&Pwedding034 L&Pwedding035 L&Pwedding036 L&Pwedding037 L&Pwedding038 L&Pwedding039 L&Pwedding040 L&Pwedding041 L&Pwedding042 L&Pwedding043 L&Pwedding044 L&Pwedding045 L&Pwedding046

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Ohy goodness Leanne! I am so thankful for your amazing talent! Wow! Such great memories! Thank you!!!!

Nov 06, 2015 @ 12:05 pm