Meet the adorable baby Gabriel Xavier Nunes, the sweetest little angel I have ever photographed.  Congratulation Kerry and Miguel and thank you for choosing me to be part of Gabriel’s first ever photo shoot, it was such an honour and I really enjoyed spending the morning with the three of you.

Enjoy the preview x

Newborn Shoot001 Newborn Shoot002 Newborn Shoot003 Newborn Shoot004 Newborn Shoot005 Newborn Shoot006 Newborn Shoot007 Newborn Shoot008 Newborn Shoot009 Newborn Shoot010 Newborn Shoot011 Newborn Shoot012 Newborn Shoot013 Newborn Shoot014 Newborn Shoot015 Newborn Shoot016 Newborn Shoot017 Newborn Shoot018 Newborn Shoot019 Newborn Shoot020

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