I met Reshma and Ameet 4 years ago when I photographed the couples beautiful Hindu wedding in Cape Town.  It was my first Hindu wedding and definitely one of the most memorable weddings to date, so I was very excited when Reshma booked me for their first family photo shoot.  The adorable little Aarav was only 10 weeks old and such a pleasure to photograph.  Here are just a few of my favourites from the shoot.

Reshma and Ameet, thank you for choosing me to capture another life milestone, it was such an honour and I really enjoyed our afternoon together  Enjoy the preview.

Aarav001 Aarav002 Aarav003 Aarav004 Aarav005 Aarav006 Aarav007 Aarav008 Aarav009 Aarav010 Aarav011 Aarav012 Aarav013 Aarav014 Aarav015 Aarav016 Aarav017 Aarav018 Aarav019 Aarav020 Aarav021 Aarav022 Aarav023


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