Cyra’s First Holy Communion

It was such an honour for me to be part of Cyra’s First Holy Communion at St Michael’s Catholic Church in Rondebosch.  Here are just a few of my favourite images from the day.  Enjoy the preview x

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Camden’s 4th Birthday Party – Cape Town Party Photographer

I love capturing kiddies parties, pure uninhibited fun.  Camden celebrated his 4th birthday with an awesome dinosaur themed party, the most amazing party table I have ever seen.

Thank you Tarrin for trusting me with these special memories.  Enjoy the preview.

Is the face paint going to hurt?

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Callum turns one – Cape Town Kids Party Photographer

Gorgeous little Callum turned one on the 1st of July and his friends and family celebrated the big day with a fun-filled, memorable bubble party held at Chalkwood House.  The kids had an absolute blast chasing bubbles, it was so much fun to capture.

Here are just a few of my favourites from the day.  Enjoy the preview x

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Nevaeh’s 1st Birthday Party – Cape Town Event Photographer

A few of my favourite images from gorgeous little Nevaeh’s 1st Birthday party.  What a special and memorable day.  Enjoy the preview x

Nevaeh001 Nevaeh002 Nevaeh003 Nevaeh004 Nevaeh005 Nevaeh006 Nevaeh007 Nevaeh008 Nevaeh009 Nevaeh010 Nevaeh011 Nevaeh012 Nevaeh013 Nevaeh014 Nevaeh015 Nevaeh016 Nevaeh017 Nevaeh018 Nevaeh019 Nevaeh020Nevaeh021 Nevaeh022 Nevaeh023 Nevaeh024 Nevaeh025 Nevaeh026 Nevaeh027 Nevaeh028 Nevaeh029 Nevaeh0302018-04-05_0044 Nevaeh031 Nevaeh032 Nevaeh033 Nevaeh034 Nevaeh035 Nevaeh036 Nevaeh037 Nevaeh038 Nevaeh039 Nevaeh0402018-04-05_0043 Nevaeh041 Nevaeh0422018-04-05_0045

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Feedem Culinary Skills Competition

It is always such an honour for me to be part of Feedem’s Annual Culinary Skills Competition finals, held at Leopards Leap in Fransschoek.   Every year I am blown away by the talent and hard work of the dedicated employees who make it through to the finals.  It is such a pleasure to photograph.

Congratulations to Blindiana Barista for winning the competition.  Enjoy the preview.

feedem001 feedem002 feedem003 feedem004 feedem005 feedem006 feedem007 feedem008 feedem009 feedem010 feedem011 feedem012 feedem013 feedem014 feedem015      2017-09-03_0019 2017-09-03_0020 2017-09-03_0021 2017-09-03_0022 2017-09-03_0023 2017-09-03_0024 2017-09-03_0025 2017-09-03_0026 2017-09-03_0027 2017-09-03_0028 2017-09-03_0029

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Zahn’s 21st Birthday Party

Zahn celebrated her 21st birthday in style at the stunning Durbanville hills restaurant.  What an awesome event,  divine food, great music and one of the highlights, the talented Martinus van Tee who illustrated a caricature for each of the guests.  Here are just a few of my favourite images from this very special occasion.

Zahn, thank you for choosing me to capture your special day.  Enjoy the preview x

Zahn001 Zahn002 Zahn003 Zahn004 Zahn005 Zahn006 Zahn007 Zahn008 Zahn009 Zahn010 Zahn011 Zahn012 Zahn013 Zahn014 Zahn015 Zahn016 Zahn017 Zahn018 Zahn019 Zahn020 Zahn021 Zahn022 Zahn023 Zahn024Zahn025 Zahn026

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