Shannon & Kyle – Picardie Guest Farm in Paarl

Shannon and Kyle exchanged vows at Picardie Guest Farm in Paarl on a perfect autumn day.  Here are just a few of my favourite images from the day.

Shannon and Kyle, thank you for trusting me to capture these memories of your big day.  You make the most gorgeous couple and I wish you many happy years together as husband and wife, enjoy the preview.

A big thank you to Claire Clarke from Framed by Claire photography for second shooting at this wedding.  Kyle’s getting ready photos were taken by Claire.

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Sara & Anton – Steenberg Catharina’s Wedding Photos

Sara and Anton traveled all the way from the UK for this marriage blessing with family in sunny South Africa.  Here are just a few of my favouries from the special day.  Enjoy x


S&A001 S&A002 S&A003 S&A004 S&A005 S&A006 S&A007 S&A008 S&A009 S&A010 S&A011 S&A012 S&A013 S&A014 S&A015 S&A016 S&A017 S&A018S&A019 S&A020 S&A021 S&A022 S&A023 S&A024 S&A025 S&A026 S&A027 S&A028 S&A029 S&A030 S&A031 S&A032 S&A033 S&A034 S&A035 S&A036

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Taryn & Nathan – Wedding Photos at Welbeloond

Taryn and Nathan exchanged vows at the lovely Welbeloond in Durbanville (a real hidden gem), here are just a few of my favourites from the happy day.

Nathan and Taryn, thank you for trusting me.  It was such an honour to be part of your special day, enjoy the preview.

A huge thank you to Claire Clarke from Framed by Claire for second shooting at this wedding.

T&N001 T&N002 T&N003 T&N004 T&N005 T&N006 T&N007 T&N008 T&N009 T&N010 T&N011 T&N012 T&N013 T&N014 T&N015 T&N016 T&N017 T&N018 T&N019 T&N020T&N021 T&N022 T&N023 T&N024 T&N025 T&N026 T&N027 T&N028 T&N029 T&N030 T&N031 T&N032 T&N033 T&N034 T&N035 T&N036 T&N037 T&N038 T&N039 T&N040T&N041 T&N042 T&N043 T&N044 T&N045 T&N046 T&N047 T&N048 T&N049 T&N050 T&N051 T&N052 T&N053 T&N054 T&N055 T&N056 T&N057T&N058T&N059

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Nevaeh’s 1st Birthday Party – Cape Town Event Photographer

A few of my favourite images from gorgeous little Nevaeh’s 1st Birthday party.  What a special and memorable day.  Enjoy the preview x

Nevaeh001 Nevaeh002 Nevaeh003 Nevaeh004 Nevaeh005 Nevaeh006 Nevaeh007 Nevaeh008 Nevaeh009 Nevaeh010 Nevaeh011 Nevaeh012 Nevaeh013 Nevaeh014 Nevaeh015 Nevaeh016 Nevaeh017 Nevaeh018 Nevaeh019 Nevaeh020Nevaeh021 Nevaeh022 Nevaeh023 Nevaeh024 Nevaeh025 Nevaeh026 Nevaeh027 Nevaeh028 Nevaeh029 Nevaeh0302018-04-05_0044 Nevaeh031 Nevaeh032 Nevaeh033 Nevaeh034 Nevaeh035 Nevaeh036 Nevaeh037 Nevaeh038 Nevaeh039 Nevaeh0402018-04-05_0043 Nevaeh041 Nevaeh0422018-04-05_0045

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Wiersma Family – Cape Town Family Portraits

I took Zac’s newborn photos almost 5 years ago so it was so special to take these photos of his beautiful baby sister.  The boys have grown into the cutest doting big brothers,  they are besotted with the new addition.

Thanks Wiersma family, it was so great to see you all again.  Big congratulations and enjoy the preview x

Family001 Family002 Family003 Family004 Family005

The face of a very proud big brother:)Family006 Family007 Family008 Family009 Family0102018-03-20_0051 Family012 Family013 Family0142018-03-20_0052

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Bianca & Leandro – Wedding Photos at Bakenhof

Here are just a few of my favourite images from Bianca and Leandro’s gorgeous wedding at Bakenhof in Paarl.   This was the biggest and most beautiful bridal party I have ever photographed.

Bianca and Leandro, thank you for choosing me to capture your big day, we enjoyed every moment.

The guys “getting ready” photos were taken by Claire from Framed by Claire Photography.  Thank you Claire for second shooting and doing such an amazing job as always.

B&L001B&L002 B&L003 B&L004 B&L005 B&L006 B&L007 B&L008 B&L009 B&L010 B&L011 B&L012 B&L013 B&L014 B&L015 B&L0162018-03-12_0025 B&L017 B&L018 B&L019 B&L020B&L021 B&L022 B&L023 B&L024 B&L025 B&L026 B&L027 B&L028 B&L029 B&L030 B&L031 B&L032 B&L033 B&L034 B&L035 B&L036 B&L037 B&L038 B&L039 B&L040B&L041 B&L042 B&L043 B&L044 B&L045 B&L046 B&L047 B&L048 B&L049 B&L050 B&L051 B&L052 B&L053 B&L054 B&L055 B&L056 B&L057 B&L058 B&L059 B&L060B&L061 B&L062 B&L063 B&L064 B&L065 B&L066 B&L067 B&L068 B&L069 B&L070 B&L071 B&L072 B&L073 B&L074 B&L075 B&L076 B&L077 B&L078

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