Megan & Corne

What an awesome way to kick off the season with Megan and Corné’s stunning wedding at Melkbos Function Venue.

Megan and Cornè, thank you for trusting me to capture your big day,  I loved every minute.  Enjoy the preview.

A big thank you to Claire from Framed by Claire photography for assisting and second shooting at this wedding,  stunning work as always Claire.

M&CWedding001 M&CWedding002 M&CWedding003 M&CWedding004 M&CWedding005 M&CWedding006 M&CWedding007 M&CWedding008 M&CWedding009 M&CWedding010 M&CWedding011 M&CWedding012 M&CWedding013 M&CWedding014 M&CWedding015 M&CWedding016 M&CWedding017M&CWedding021 M&CWedding018 M&CWedding019 M&CWedding020

Guys “getting ready” photos were taken by Claire from Framed by Claire photographyGuys001 Guys002 Guys003 Guys004 Guys005 Guys006 M&CWedding022 M&CWedding023 M&CWedding024 M&CWedding025 M&CWedding026 M&CWedding027 M&CWedding028 M&CWedding029 M&CWedding030 M&CWedding031 M&CWedding032 M&CWedding033 M&CWedding034 M&CWedding035 M&CWedding036 M&CWedding037 M&CWedding038 M&CWedding039M&CWedding040 M&CWedding041 M&CWedding042 M&CWedding043 M&CWedding044 M&CWedding045 M&CWedding046 M&CWedding047 M&CWedding048 M&CWedding049 M&CWedding050 M&CWedding051 M&CWedding052

Absolutely love this natural photo taken by Claire.M&CWedding053 M&CWedding054 M&CWedding055 M&CWedding056 M&CWedding057 M&CWedding058 M&CWedding059 M&CWedding060 M&CWedding061 M&CWedding062M&CWedding063 M&CWedding064 M&CWedding065 M&CWedding066 M&CWedding067 M&CWedding068 M&CWedding069 M&CWedding070 M&CWedding071 M&CWedding072 M&CWedding073 M&CWedding074 M&CWedding075

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Feedem Culinary Skills Competition

It is always such an honour for me to be part of Feedem’s Annual Culinary Skills Competition finals, held at Leopards Leap in Fransschoek.   Every year I am blown away by the talent and hard work of the dedicated employees who make it through to the finals.  It is such a pleasure to photograph.

Congratulations to Blindiana Barista for winning the competition.  Enjoy the preview.

feedem001 feedem002 feedem003 feedem004 feedem005 feedem006 feedem007 feedem008 feedem009 feedem010 feedem011 feedem012 feedem013 feedem014 feedem015      2017-09-03_0019 2017-09-03_0020 2017-09-03_0021 2017-09-03_0022 2017-09-03_0023 2017-09-03_0024 2017-09-03_0025 2017-09-03_0026 2017-09-03_0027 2017-09-03_0028 2017-09-03_0029

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The Heynes Family – Cape Town Maternity Shoot

I loved this shoot with the Heynes family, the most stunning setting and beautiful soft winter light.  Winter is the best time to do a family shoot, although I know most clients prefer summer.

I took Olivia and Ravern’s wedding photos over 5 years ago,  it was so lovely to see the couple again and meet the adorable little Gia (soon to be big sister).

Olivia and Ravern, thank you so much for choosing me to capture this very special time.  I wish you all the best for the arrival of your little boy.  Enjoy the preview x

Cape Town Maternity Shoot001 Cape Town Maternity Shoot002 Cape Town Maternity Shoot003 Cape Town Maternity Shoot004 Cape Town Maternity Shoot005Cape Town Maternity Shoot006 Cape Town Maternity Shoot007 Cape Town Maternity Shoot008 Cape Town Maternity Shoot009 Cape Town Maternity Shoot010 Cape Town Maternity Shoot012Cape Town Maternity Shoot011 Cape Town Maternity Shoot013 Cape Town Maternity Shoot014 Cape Town Maternity Shoot015 Cape Town Maternity Shoot016 Cape Town Maternity Shoot017 Cape Town Maternity Shoot018 Cape Town Maternity Shoot019 Cape Town Maternity Shoot020 Cape Town Maternity Shoot021 Cape Town Maternity Shoot022 Cape Town Maternity Shoot023 Cape Town Maternity Shoot024

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Chris & Andy – Calvin Grove Wedding Photos

Calvin Grove001 Calvin Grove002 Calvin Grove003 Calvin Grove004 Calvin Grove005 Calvin Grove006 Calvin Grove007 Calvin Grove008 Calvin Grove009 Calvin Grove010 Calvin Grove011 Calvin Grove012 Calvin Grove013 Calvin Grove014 Calvin Grove015 Calvin Grove016 Calvin Grove017 Calvin Grove018 Calvin Grove019 Calvin Grove020 Calvin Grove021 Calvin Grove022 Calvin Grove023 Calvin Grove024 Calvin Grove025 Calvin Grove026 Calvin Grove027 Calvin Grove028 Calvin Grove029 Calvin Grove030 Calvin Grove031 Calvin Grove032

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The Jacobs Family – Cape Town Family Photographer

Meet little Aaron, he is pure perfection.

It was such a pleasure and an honour for me to be part of Aaron’s first photo shoot,  just look at those big blue eyes and gorgeous little lips, he is just too cute for words.  I took Rory and Kathryn’s wedding photos four years ago, so this family shoot was extra special to me.

Enjoy the preview x

Family Photos001 Family Photos002 Family Photos003 Family Photos004 Family Photos005 Family Photos006 Family Photos007 Family Photos008 Family Photos009 Family Photos010 Family Photos011 Family Photos012 Family Photos013 Family Photos014 Family Photos015 Family Photos016 Family Photos017

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The Petersen Family – Cape Town Family Photo Shoots

From an engagement shoot to wedding photos, then baby photos (soon after Olivia was born), then a maternity shoot and now family photos to welcome baby James.  It has been such an honour and privilege for me to watch this beautiful family grow.  Here are a few of my favourites from the Petersen family shoot, Olivia and little James just melt my heart, too adorable for words.

Gillian and Barry, thank you for your loyal support and for always trusting me with your special memories.  Enjoy the preview.


Petersen001 Petersen002 Petersen003 Petersen004Petersen005 Petersen006 Petersen007 Petersen008 Petersen009 Petersen010 Petersen011 Petersen012 Petersen013 Petersen014 Petersen015 Petersen016Petersen018 Petersen017 Petersen019 Petersen020 Petersen021

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